La Vita può diventare tutto ciò che vuoi, (To the Moon) - basta solo volerlo. (And Beyond) 

From the start of a journey, our path is defined by whom we interact with. This work provokes and disputes the domains of high and low art by shifting the common grounds of experiential and material associations. Through the embodiment of space between the red assemblage La vita può diventare tutto ciò che vuoi, (To the Moon) and the blue assemblage basta solo volerlo. (And Beyond) plus the use of playful trampoline icons, this work aims at evoking and representing adult, child and individual personal experience rather than a preconceived gallery insight.

With a strong community entity the work generates its own scenario to be experience in a place where the norm would be to over-analyze surroundings.This assemblage calls upon memorabilia and the beginning or Reiterations where each individual sees what they aim to see within their mind and experience.  

P   R   O   J   E   C   T   S   |   A   R   T   W   O   R   K   S