In todays society the constraints put on adults to behave in a routine manner and reform to a way of living often reduces their creativity. The childlike sense of being free has vanished and the world has been formed into how we should see it, which fits into the norm. In my path in life I have been inspired by many things, trying to find my self as an artist until my point of realization that we all should be what we want to be and not what others like us to be. REBORN, has been formed from this realization. The rebirth of an artist, tapping into my childlike self, revisiting the mindset I had and the way I expressed my self and my creativity when I was free as a child to question the world from a different prospective and representing it as I pleased.
I want to share my colourful and playful ways in this world, hoping that I allow you to question yourself as to what you want to be? What do you want do?

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